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Unicorns, supposedly only domesticated by virgins. This is common in medieval folk tales. The unicorns are said to be able to distinguish a virgin woman. In some stories, unicorns are only ridden by virgins.Unicorn Fluff you you fluffin fluff mug Meanwhile, Marco Polo described them as: a little smaller than an elephant, they have fur like buffaloes and feet that resemble elephants. They have a black horn in the middle of the forehead … there is a wild boar-like head. They spend part of their time in the mud. They look very dirty. They are unlike all that we have described when it comes to being nurtured by virgins, contrary to our ideas.

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It is clear that Marco Polo is talking about a rhino. In Germany, from the 16th century, from Einhorn (English: one-horn, Vietnamese: one horn) described several rhino species. The ancient Norwegians believed that narwhal had verified the existence of unicorns. The unicorn’s horn is thought to stem from a tooth of the upper jaw and grow outward. According to Sir Thomas Browne, unicorn horn can neutralize toxins, should be used as a trough

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