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This species was discovered in 1896 by English explorer and naturalist John Whitehead, who observed birds and his waiter Juan collected the first specimens a few weeks later. there. The skin of the collected sample was sent to William Robert Ogilvie-Grant in London in 1896, who initially showed it and described the species a few weeks later.Double doink Philadelphia Eagles t-shirts The image of this bird is likened to a mythical creature that is the Mage. Philippine Eagles have dark brown and white fur, ranging from 86 to 102 cm tall (but some surveys show that the average height is 95 cm for males and 105 cm for females) and weighs 4 , 7 – 8 kg (the average male is 4.5 kg and the female is 6 kg). It is considered to be the ‘longest eagle that has survived since

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The eagle now looks quite similar to the buzzard or hawk with an adult length of about 60–80 cm, wingspan of 149–200 cm, weighing 1.7 to 3.2 kg. Their wings are black mixed with white while the tapered tail is short and short. On the back is dark gray with black, brown or light blue. Their belly feathers are striking white. The individual hair has a red cinnamon on the top and bottom of the wing

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