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Earth evolved through biological and geological processes that left traces of primitive environments. The surface of the Earth is divided into tectonic plates that move slowly. The inner part of the planet still works with a thick layer called manti and inner iron core that creates a magnetic field. This iron core consists of a solid inner phase and an outer liquid phase. Dnd 20 dice yes they’re natural shirtThe convection movement in the core creates electronic currents through the action of electricity generation, and forms the Earth’s magnetic field.Current atmospheric properties have changed dramatically compared to the early environment due to the presence of life forms,  which create ecological balance, helping to stabilize the surface environment. Despite the climatic fluctuations on a wide area along latitude and other geographic factors, the global long-term average climate is quite stable during glacial periods, and changes in level or The average global temperature has historically created major effects on the Earth’s current ecological and geographical balance.

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The Earth is estimated to be formed 4.54 billion years ago from the Sun’s nebula, along with the Sun and other planets. The moon was formed about 20 million years later. Initially the Earth natural is in a molten form, the outer layer of the planet cools down and forms a solid shell. The escaping natural gas and volcanic activity create the original atmosphere. Most or all of the condensed steam comes from ice brought by comets, creating oceans and other water sources. The high-energy chemical environment is thought to have produced self-replicating molecules about 4 billion years ago

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